VideoConverter is a .NET wrapper for FFMpeg tool that can handle almost all known formats and video/audio codecs. Unlike another wrappers it is not statically linked with FFMpeg library and can use GPL-build of FFMpeg.

  • convert video and audio files with one line of code
  • webcam/online RTSP stream/URL/screen capture can be used as input
  • can merge several video files into one resulting video
  • friendly deployment: all in one DLL (no external dependencies, ffmpeg is embedded as assembly resource and automatically extracted on first use)
  • can be used from ASP.NET server code (legacy .NET 3.5 / Runtime 2.0 is also supported)
  • can extract frame images (get thumbnail from video), append logo or advertisement, apply watermark image
  • supports real-time media stream conversion (stdin/stdout ffmpeg mode)

Convert video with one line of code:
(new NReco.VideoConverter.FFMpegConverter()).ConvertMedia(pathToVideoFile, Response.OutputStream, Formats.flv);

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